Associate Trainers

Celina Gan (Coloured Brian Communication Psychology Expert)


Over 20 years working in Asia and Europe, Celina Gan has accumulated a vast experience and know-how in working, training and coaching participants from different cultures, work backgrounds and across languages. Celina trains in Europe, Middle East and Asia, working with leading MNCs, the civil service and educational institutions. She is also a trainer, coach and assessor in the International Business Simulation Program at Regent’s University London, addressing ability for leadership, team building, team bonding and communication skills.

Prior to being a full time trainer, facilitator and coach, Celina worked in the healthcare and legal industries. She started her career as a registered nurse and midwife in the UK. Celina worked in several NHS hospitals in the UK,  independently  ran  an  Airforce  based  ante-natal  clinic  and  conducted  parentcraft  classes  in London. Celina trained staff on identifying patient needs, dealing with conflict situations, difficult patients and patient relationship management.

After working within healthcare, Celina undertook legal studies and held positions as Contracts and Commercial Adviser to BP Singapore and worked as a Legal Consultant in the UK, Spain and Malaysia. During this time, Celina headed and managed various legal departments, conducted training workshops and offered consultancy services to international corporations, as well as the educational and public sectors.

At the end of 2012, Celina moved into full time training. She has had the privilege of working and training the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore Ministry of Education; Commercial Affairs Department; Intel; Dell; Western Digital; Qatargas, Qatar; Nestle’ S.A.; Land Transport Authority Singapore; Regent’s University London; Wycombe General Hospital, UK; the Royal Airforce Clinic UK, Singapore Sembawang Airbase and many more.

Celina’s substantive work, consulting and training experience across the Asian and European continent with leading MNCs, the civil and educational sectors have deepened her understanding of the many challenges faced by different entities, leaders and individuals in an ever changing environment. Celina is therefore able to bring to her clients, realistic and workable practices and options to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Celina is very passionate about training. Celina is certified in  “Colored Brain” Communication Psychology: Human Motivation & Drive; and Mastery in Dynamic Speaking, accredited by the American Business School of Psychology.

Celina’s style of training engages participants in practical sessions with personable examples, humour and hands-on activities for instant understanding and applicability. Celina’s motto is: “Stretch your Comfort Zone; Expand your Boundaries; and Enable Transitions to Take Place”.


Eric Xu (China Country Expert)


Associate professor at ESSCA ( French Business School in Shanghai) and Shanghai University

Eric has lived and worked in France and Italy while serving multinational companies as General Manager, Vice President or Chief Representative in China. During that time, his expertise involved working in areas such as Team Building, Joint Venture communication, Business Development, Dealership networking, and Supplier Management.

Since 2005, Eric has specialized in intercultural communication and has been invited as a consultant, intercultural trainer and coach to support cross-cultural transitions and integrations. He has delivered over 500 private and group programs to clients from a variety of roles and from diverse cultural backgrounds, industries and economic sectors. They include teams managing international mergers and acquisitions, IT systems implementation teams, regional sales and service functions, candidates for international assignments, corporate executives on global career development and rotation programs, human resources consultants, new employees participating in on-boarding programs, as well as MBA, and EMBA students.

Eric has a B.A. in International Trade from Nanchang University and a B.A. in Law from Hunan University. He went to France for his postgraduate study in 2002 after 2 years of working in China.and later obtained his MBA in Euro-Asia Management from IAE Poitiers France. He regularly attends the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Reed College. He is an accredited facilitator (Culture Smart, Cultural Compass, Cultural wizard, Cultural Orientation Model) and Certified as a Global Mobility Specialist.

He speaks fluent English, French, and Mandarin.

Gaku Yoshimura (Japan Country Expert)


Having completed a 3 year course of study in Japanese Business Communication, Gaku has years of sales and advertising experience in the Japanese market. He is an expert in verbal and non-verbal business communication, having worked in Japan and other countries. He has enjoyed the opportunity to service major Japanese corporations as clients such as Canon, SHARP, Japan Airlines, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, and Yahoo! Japan.

Gaku is also a certified Japanese language teacher and has taught in the language and education field for over 10 years. He currently teaches Japanese to international students undertaking their International Baccalaureate Diploma courses, and great attention is given to providing cultural awareness and understanding of the target language.

In addition, Gaku serves as an interpreter and translator, providing services to international companies and organizations to help them successfully communicate with Japanese clients.

Lisa Anne (Global Business English Expert)


Lisa began her teaching career in her home country of Canada more than 20 years ago.  Since coming to Malaysia in 2002 she has provided Global Business English coaching to top level executives for several MNCs, taught both English and French at an International School, designed and facilitated TOEFL preparation courses and provided professional proofreading skills to GLCs. 

Lisa has been a participant in public speaking training for more than 20 years and has a very clear understanding of what is necessary to effectively present our ideas to client, customers and colleagues.

Lisa conducts her classes in a very engaging and progressive manner.  Her kind and patient personality makes her students feel comfortable to share and ask questions.   With 15 years of teaching experience here in Malaysia Lisa is very aware of how to tailor her approach to the local learning style and make the class practical for any Malaysian student.

Hareen Balakrishnan (Malay Language Expert)


Hareen started his teaching career 9 years ago. He has taught with both local and multinational organizations in both an employed capacity and as a volunteer. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the necessity and application of clear Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) pronunciation and structure.