Gallery & Testimonials

Letters of recommendation are also available upon request from a variety 0f clients.

American Express

“Superb - thank you Steve, this was an excellent investment which will springboard our group to new levels of service + performance.”


“The training was an eye opener as I was able to see things from a different perspective and also learned a few things about myself.”


“It has made me realize and put into context of real-life examples, how should I handle cross-cultural conflicts and interactions more effectively.”



“Mr. Steve is an intelligent person and has more crosscultural knowledge than anybody that I know. His examples and understanding of the varied culture gave me an insight to look at my life at ISKL and people around me. Thank you Steve!”


“I feel very helpful to collaborate with other culture.”


“Training was excellent because trainer is well equipped, knowledgeable and understands different cultures.”

Kuliche + Soffa

“Steve is a great trainer who manages to break the language/cultural barrier of his audience right from the get go. His contents were excellent and addressed all grey areas for presenters alike.”


 “The speaker is GREAT! We love how he conduct the training!! He makes the subject/topic of the training lively, interesting, excited & FUN!! :-)”


“Interactive session throughout the training and definitely can relate some of the presentation and conference calls tricks to real work life scenarios. Simply enjoyed it.”


Red Cross

“It was definitely an “aha” moment – working within a diverse culture doesn’t guarantee good interaction but this course helps clarify ways to work with colleagues of varying backgrounds. Thanks Steve!”


“Steve is a great teacher, comedian & guide to navigating cross- cultural challenges rolled into one. I recommend his course for our whole office as what he teaches can be applied to improve any relationships.”


“It is really helpful for an expat moving to KL. A must course.”


“Tutor was engaging, fun and easy to follow. He was knowledgeable about the topics and subject matter.”

CAE Sdn Bhd

“A must do course to prepare your people for today’s global business environment.”


“I enjoyed how you challenged the audience – especially the western members of the audience – to question our

perceptions of and interactions with (Asian) cultures.”