Our Logo

Logo 1.1

Our logo tells the story of the transformation of an individual from one culture who adapts to communicate and work with individuals from another culture. We could illustrate it this way: Imagine you are from Country Culture Yellow, but you have received a work assignment to Country Culture Blue. Your way of thinking, acting and communicating are totally different. However, you set out to learn and understand your new host country’s culture. Over time and with effort you embrace aspects of your new culture, but still keep your original cultural identity. What is the outcome? You become Green! You are able to communicate both socially and within the business environment in a way that demonstrates great cultural intelligence. You are truly successful in your new work assignment.

Of course the same example could illustrate the transformation of a student studying overseas in a new culture. It could also equally apply to a single culture team working with a manager or team from a different culture.

The point of our logo is that we stay true to ourselves, but at the same time embrace and adapt to our new cultural environment and ways. We GO GREEN!