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Before beginning his teaching career, Steve worked for one of the oldest and most established brokerage houses in Canada. His role within the company was that of regulatory compliance and education.

After realizing his true passion was in education, he decided to change his career path and focus more on teaching and training. This brought him to Malaysia 15 years ago.  After completing his M Ed (TESOL) in 2003, he has worked within all areas of Learning & Development here ever since. In this time, he has been involved in instruction, training and curriculum development within the education community and the corporate world.

Steve is an enthusiastic and dedicated trainer who operates an active learning environment and always keeps his students amused and challenged. He thrives on challenges and is always looking for ways to engage and affect his audience.

With over 20 years of teaching and training experience, Steve has a very acute understanding of what is required in order to get ideas across clearly and in an engaging manner. He regularly participates in or leads workshops and training sessions, often giving presentations to upwards of 2000 participants. In 2015 he became a Certified Executive Coach (Marshall Goldsmith) and in January 2016 competed his Advanced Certification as a Cultural Intelligence facilitator and examiner (Cultural Intelligence Center).  

Steve is a member of the global community and as such has enjoyed the opportunity to work with and train people from over 30 different countries. During the past 10 years Steve has had the privilege of working with many multi-national organizations, such as Dell, HP, Intel, PETRONAS, GM, Kia, Philips, American Express and dozens more.

Steve is an excellent communicator and has enjoyed working with a variety of organizations throughout Asia, designing and facilitating courses that have cooperatively met their objectives with great success.

Steve knows what it’s like to adapt to a new culture. He hasn’t just studied it…he’s lived it.