Successfully Living & Working in Malaysia

Just Arrived in Malaysia.2

You have accepted a transfer to a new country and culture and now you wonder how you and your family will adapt to both local Malaysian culture and your company’s internal culture. Will you be accepted? Will you feel comfortable? Will you understand the local style of communication? The ultimate goal, from upper-managements’ standpoint, is for all employees, no matter what level of management they are, to be happy at their job and for cohesion and cooperation among all staff. Cultural differences can present a particularly serious challenge to this goal.

The program “Successfully Living & Working in Malaysia-For Expats” Will help you and your family to embrace your new home with open-mindedness and excitement.

Program Overview

The overall objective of this training program is to inspire the participants to develop greater cross-cultural communication skills. In addition to this, we will set out to provide the awareness, understanding and skills needed to work with individuals with culturally diverse backgrounds. Participants will see the importance of overcoming any bias or prejudice, which would create a barrier to communication between colleagues of varying backgrounds. Additionally, participants will develop symbiotic relationships with their colleagues that will create an environment of understanding, trust and respect. Finally, foreign employees and their partners would be helped to view Malaysia as their new home and to feel comfortable and secure within their new culture and environment.

Program Objectives

  • Increase positive attitudes towards people of other countries and cultures.
  • Increase awareness of challenges that arise in communicating with people from Malaysian cultures.
  • Increase awareness of participants’ own cultural values and unstated cultural assumptions.
  • Call attention to any counterproductive stereotypes and prejudices toward people of Malaysian cultures.
  • Assist participants to better adapt to and be more productive during interaction and communication with Malaysian colleagues.
  • Adjust and adapt to a new home environment and be able to engage in daily activities with a measure of ease and comfort

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