Cultural Intelligence Assessments


“In a world where crossing boundaries is routine, CQ becomes a vitally important aptitude and skill.”

– Harvard Business Review

Two CQ Assessment Options

  1. CQ Multi-Rater Assessment

Multi-Rater Assessments provide the most accurate assessment and feedback on CQ because they combine self-assessment with observer-feedback. Participants and their observers complete online surveys and participants receive a 20-page personalized feedback report.  Reports provide detailed feedback on the four CQ capabilities, the sub-dimensions of each CQ capability, a comparison of scores with the CQ worldwide norms, individual cultural value orientations, global potential scores, reflection questions and a personalized action plan.

  1. CQ Self-Assessment

Self-Assessments provide feedback on how individuals view their own CQ capabilities.   Participants complete online surveys and receive a feedback report on their CQ capabilities.

Why choose the CQ Assessments by the Cultural Intelligence Center?

Defining Characteristics of the CQ Assessments

  1. Measuring intercultural performance and skills rather than personal preferences and orientations.
  2. Being peer reviewed by academics around the world and subsequently published in more than 100 academic A-level journals. Whereas, the items for most cultural inventories are not shared with external academics, making the reliability and validity uncertain.
  3. Offering a validated, multi-rater, 360 version of the assessment as well as a self-assessment.
  4. Reporting outcomes to individuals based upon their CQ assessment results (e.g. We can accurately predict how well an individual will negotiate cross-culturally or how well one will function on a multicultural, virtual team.)
  5. Providing company-specific norms and subsequent analysis, strategies, and interventions based upon what the data reveals.

Cultural Intelligence Center