Executive Coaching

Cross-Cultural Consultation Services

Executive Coaching

This coaching program is designed to inspire the participants to develop greater cross-cultural communication skills.

The executive will be helped to develop the following:

  • Awareness and understanding to work with individuals of differing cultural backgrounds and approaches
  • A symbiotic relationship with colleagues, peers, neighbours and staff.
  • The ability to create a trust and rapport with colleagues and management
  • Understand the cultural approach to problem solving, conflict and discussion within the Malaysian business context
  • An appreciation for their new home and an excitement to explore all Malaysia has to offer

Five Stages of Coaching

1. Develop a contract between the executive and the coach

2. Assessment and Analysis

3. Coaching sessions

4. Updates for sponsor

5. Making development recommendations


A 120-minute introductory session

·      Review of results of the assessment

·      Establishment of objectives for the coach and the executive

·      Definition of timelines (how long each session will last and what milestones/outcomes are the targets)

·      Summary of these agreements / charter draft by the coach, approved by the executive

Data collection using questionnaires or structured interviews

Two to Four sessions per month, of one and a half to two hours, in person

  • Focus on executive responsibilities and how to effectively apply them
  • Review issues since last session
  • Review outcomes of actions planned in the previous session
  • Review the lessons learned or observations to support these lessons since the previous session
  • Preparation for upcoming challenges
  • New approaches and their potential impact (organizationally, senior staff, employees)
  • Contingency planning (what if the new approaches do not work)

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Relocation Services

Culture Boleh Services

Our services are designed for families or small groups of no more than 4 people.  Our objective is to help you and your loved ones settle into life in your new home as quickly and easily as possible. 

Contact us and we’ll design a package of lessons that is tailored to your individual or family needs.

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