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Public Program on August 23, 2017: Successfully Working with China

Who should attend?

Do you regularly deal with Chinese business partners, stakeholders, colleagues, customers or suppliers? Have you faced challenges such as misunderstandings in communication? Have these misunderstandings resulted in missed project deadlines? Do you feel your Chinese clients or colleagues are impatient and challenging to work with at times? Do you know what is the right business etiquette to follow when dealing with colleagues from China? Then you should attend this course.  

Program Details

August 23, 2017

From 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

At Le Meridien, KL Sentral

Regular rate: RM 1000/pax

Early bird rate: RM 800/pax

Group registration (3 pax or more): RM 600/pax

Register 5 participants and the 6th participant is FREE!

Led by: Eric Xu– Associate Trainer for Culture Boleh Global Training


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Course Overview

Our ‘Successfully Working with China’ workshop can help you and your team to strengthen your communication and collaboration with your Chinese colleagues and business partners. Get an insight into Chinese culture and learn specific skills to bridge the gaps between your own culture and that of China.

This 4-hour workshop will address the typical pitfalls that you should avoid when doing business with China and provide you with best practices that you can immediately apply in business settings. You will learn to see past bias and stereotypes and instead be equipped with Cultural Intelligence to build respectful, meaningful and trusting relationships with your Chinese counterparts.

Learn to build strong, trusting and cohesive relationships with your Chinese business partners

Course Outline


  • What is culture and how does it affect us?
  • The challenge of understanding another culture
  • Strategies to make our learning process quicker and easier


  • Identify differences in communication styles
  • Learn to manage differences in attitude and work ethics
  • Understand the Chinese view of contracts and agreements
  • Move past bias and prejudice


  • Explore Chinese roots, values and protocols and how it affects Chinese behaviour
  • Learn what the Chinese think of foreign countries and foreigners in China
  • Understand major events that shape China and its people today


  • Make a good impression (introductions, greetings, etc)
  • Learn how to earn trust and respect from the Chinese
  • Master the underlying concepts in business cards, hierarchy and titles
  • Manage relationships between suppliers, managers, subordinates and clients
  • Strengthen by way of diversity

This is what people are saying about attending our Cross-Cultural Communication courses

American Express

“As a result of your two-day training session, we shaved around 6 months off our intended coaching schedule, in so far as we have catapulted team understanding of great customer service from an Australian perspective. I can confidently say the local team has a common understanding of where potential challenges might lie and how best to navigate them.”

CAE Sdn Bhd

“A must do course to prepare your people for today’s global business environment.”

“I enjoyed how you challenged the audience – especially the western members of the audience – to question our perceptions of and interactions with (Asian) cultures.”

Kuliche + Soffa

 “Interactive session throughout the training and definitely can relate some of the presentation and conference calls tricks to real work life scenarios. Simply enjoyed it.”

International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent

“It was definitely an “aha” moment – working within a diverse culture doesn’t guarantee good interaction but this course helps clarify ways to work with colleagues of varying backgrounds. Thanks!”

“Steve is a great teacher, comedian and guide to navigating cross-cultural challenges rolled into one. I recommend his course for our whole office as what he teaches can be applied to improve any relationship.”

“It is really helpful for an expat moving to KL. A must course.”

“Tutor was engaging, fun and easy to follow. He was knowledgeable about the topics and subject matter.”

Haldor Topsoe

“Very useful insight in not only ways of doing business in Malaysia but also all the little things you need to be aware of in daily life in Malaysia. Very Good!”

Marlborough College Malaysia

“I learnt more about living and working in Malaysia in the three hours with Culture Boleh than I have living here for four years!”

“As a teacher who has taught on the International circuit for some time, I can honestly say that Culture Boleh’s training was outstanding. It gave me a real insight into what makes Malaysia tick.”