Malaysian culture

Kuala Lumpur-A City of Contrasts

Through my window, I could see the PETRONAS Twin Towers dominating the cityscape as usual. They were impossible to miss, as opposed to my humble dwelling that consisted merely of a single story with a few rooms, and that looked like every other house in this poor neighbourhood. I had to be at the […]

Malaysian Rubber Time

‘Time is relative.’ That’s something we’ve all probably heard before, and is an interesting subject, though one we will not be dealing with in this blog. However, still on the subject of time, let’s think about how Malaysians view time. Is it valuable? A scarce resource? Or something that everyone […]

Malaysian Culture 101

  The first thing you need to know about Malaysian culture is that their really isn’t just one culture.  There are at least three in Peninsula Malaysia or as it’s usually referred to, West Malaysia, and several tribal cultures in East Malaysia located within the states of Sabah and Sarawak […]