Training Programs

Learn to build strong, trusting and cohesive relationships with global business partners

Culture Boleh Global Training is one of the only organizations in Malaysia with the experience and proven track record of helping clients adapt to today’s culturally diverse business landscape with confidence and success.  Learn to really understand your clients’ mindset and perspective.  Fully grasp how your business partner in Japan approaches negotiating differently from your business partners in the Middle East or Poland.  Build trusting relationships within your global team whether they are made of of people from Denmark, Brazil, South Africa or Singapore.

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Explore some of our many programs designed to develop and strengthen your global relationships.



Cross-Cultural Training Programs

Titles such as:

  • Working Smart in a Multicultural Organization
  • Communicating Effectively across Cultures
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence – Workshop
  • Developing Cultural Understanding – Bridging the Gap Between Cultures (Country/Culture Specific)
  • Developing A Global Communication Strategy


Cross-Cultural Leadership Programs

Titles such as:

  • Managing Global Teams
  • Effective Leadership – In a Malaysian Cultural Context
  • Cultural Intelligence for Global Leadership
  • Building Leaders for Multicultural Organizations
  • Stepping Stones to Leadership – The Skillful Global Communicator


Global Business Writing Programs

Titles such as:

  • Successful Global Business Writing Skills
  • Writing Effective Proposal for a Global Audience
  • Global Emailing that Achieves Results
  • Clear and Coherent Grammar for Global Business Writing
  • Global Business English


Presentation Skills for a Global Audience

Titles such as:

  • Presenting Yourself and Your Message with Confidence to a Global Audience
  • Effective Presentation Skills for Finance Professionals
  • Getting Involved-Presenting and Communicating During Conference Calls and Meetings
  • Shaping Your Message and Your Presentation for Global Results


Programs for International Schools 

 Titles such as:




Programs for International Hospitals & Clinics (Medical Tourism)

Titles such as:

  • Cultural Intelligence for Frontline Medical Professionals
  • International Customer Service Excellence – Cultural Intelligence for Healthcare Providers
  • Successful Global Business Writing Skills – For Medical Tourism



2-Hour Tea Talks

Topics such as:

  • How to Ask for Feedback that Will Actually Help You
  • Dealing with Difficult People-Bring Out the Best in Others
  • The Art of Asking the Right Questions to Get the Best Out of Your Team
  • Are You Ready to Work & Communicate Globally?
  • Many more


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