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NEW Using Cultural Intelligence to Effectively Manage Feedback in a Multicultural Context

The right approach to giving and receiving feedback can generate a variety of opinions. When is the right time to give feedback? How should it be given? How often should I give feedback? How direct should I be? How specific should I be in my language? Do I give the feedback face-to-face or virtually? All of these are very valid questions and need to be carefully considered. However, the answer to most of these questions really depends on the culture of the people involved. In view of the above, we therefore, recommend any approach to feedback start with a strong degree of Cultural Intelligence that ensure the best strategy to giving and receiving feedback within your organisation. We have developed a specific program for your organisation to be able to do this with great success.

Working Smart in a Multicultural Organization

Designed for MNCs & GLCs, this course will enable anyone who works with individuals from other cultures to communicate their ideas, concerns and instructions with clarity and effectiveness. Participants will understand what is involved in sharing in meetings with clients, colleagues or managers from other cultures. We will help ensure you achieve your greatest success when communicating with those of other cultures.

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Communicating Effectively Across Cultures

Are you beginning to hire outside of Malaysia?  Expanding your business regionally or globally?  Employees who are able to communicate inter-culturally are proven to improve the success and profitability of their organizations.  This course will enable you and your staff to understand other cultures, successfully work with them and empower you and your team to look forward to your next opportunity to engage in cross-cultural communication.

Developing Cultural Intelligence – Workshop

The most sought after soft skill among global leadership is CQ.  Are you planning to work globally?  Are you starting to manage a global team?  Learn the 4 key elements of CQ and how you can develop each of those elements to ensure your global success.  This course includes the CQ multi-rater assessment.

Developing Cultural Understanding – Bridging the Gap Between Cultures (Country/Culture Specific Course)

Do you have a “western” manager?  Is your HQ located overseas and do you communicate and interact with individuals from that specific culture weekly or even daily?  Have you learned to overcome the specific challenges that arise from working with people from other cultures?  This course will help you and your local staff to understand the differences between your culture and the specific country’s culture you are working with. We will help you to develop a strategy and action plan to achieve intercultural success, build trusting relationships and ensure clear communication.

Please select country/culture of your choice: Canada China North India South India Japan US

Developing A Global Communication Strategy

Strong communication skills are the backbone of success. Learn to develop the right thinking, attitude and habits regarding communication in order to achieve results. During this course, participants will be empowered to produce a communication strategy that works for them. They will be guided to develop a big picture view of specifically relevant situations, and then develop and implement an effective communication strategy.

International Customer Service Excellence – Using Cultural Intelligence

An important goal for any organization with a global presence is to provide excellent customer service or support, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. This program will help participants learn to communicate clearly and effectively with their customers, understand their customers’ needs and develop the ability to successfully convey their message across to them, avoid and deal with conflict as well as gain the ability to use Cultural Intelligence in providing customer service to their clients wherever they may be based.

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Using Cultural Intelligence to Build Collaboration and Cooperation in a Multicultural Organization

For teams to succeed in today’s competitive global environment, they must have the drive, knowledge and strategy to collaborate effectively with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds. This program will help participants develop Cultural Intelligence that will help them overcome common challenges to collaboration and in turn contribute to a cooperative and collaborative work environment.

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