Use the right medium, the right tone, the right structure to guarantee your message is delivered with clarity, simplicity and coherency.

Global Business Writing Programs

Learn to write to anyone, anywhere and achieve your intended results

Successful Global Business Writing Skills

Every day we send and receive a massive amount of written communication. When we write to our intended audience, we want them to clearly understand and act on what we write. This is a very basic aspect of universal communication. However, poor grammar, a limited vocabulary, differing communication styles and poor planning can result in our message being completely ineffective. This program ensures your message is received with clarity and builds a positive image of your organization’s communication culture.  

Writing Effective Proposals for a Global Audience

Persuasion is very much rooted in what people care about.  As a result, persuading a person from one cultural perspective can be very different from another.  This program covers how to build your message around what your particular client or customer cares about and how you can persuade them specifically to accept your proposal.

Global Emailing that Achieves Results

Learn how to write emails to anyone, anywhere and get results. This program covers the language, formatting and content of an effective global email.

Global Business English

Many organizations have identified talent that they would like to use in a more regional or global role.  However, the employees’ grasp of English prevents them from being promoted. This course is designed to build your staff’s confidence to express themselves in Global Business English.  It also develops in them the understanding of the language needed to communicate internationally in a clear and professional manner.

The course outlines for the above programs can be requested or a tailored outline can be prepared for your organization.

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This is what people are saying about attending our Global Business Writing courses

“Before attending the course, I always feel hesitant when I have to  write business emails and letters. But after the course, , I have more confidence in writing emails and different kinds of letters because I learned a lot of business writing fundamentals which really helps my work. This is a great Business Writing course for IT Engineers. Steve is a such a good trainer and I particularly like the topic related to 4 points plan to business communication.” – Jimerlyn,

“Before attending the course, I feel incompetent in writing formal emails especially to the senior management level. However, after the course I feel more confident as I learned better ways on how to write an email in short, simple and clear message. I would highly recommend newcomers to attend this course as it really helpful to our daily work.Thanks.”– Panjavarnam, Domain Manager

“Before attending the course, I feel ‘unskilled’ in writing business emails. But, during the course I gain skills and knowledge on how to write effective emails in different approaches when dealing with different audiences. At present, I feel myself can write better and more effective business email after the course. It was an excellent training with a great trainer! Steve really very competent in this topic and he delivers the points very well to the participants. Everyone should come for this course!” – Zander Avila, Solutions Delivery

“Before attending the course, I always have concern when it comes to email writing as I’m facing difficulty to convey clear message in the email. However, this concern will no longer there as I learned a lot on grammar fundamental which will help me to convey message in short and simple way but clear message!” – Daniel Lee, Solution Support

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