CQ Self-Assessment Pro – Part 3 Benefits of the Assessment

BenefitsIn this final part of our CQ Self-Assessment Pro series, we will consider the benefits that result from participating in this cultural intelligence assessment. Designed to measure an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures, the outcome will certainly prove to be useful insight for individuals and corporations looking to improve their effectiveness in a variety of cultural situations.

  1. Understand your existing cultural intelligence capabilities

If you were to be asked how confident you are in working effectively in multicultural settings, the tendency to reply in the affirmative would most likely be very high. But how can this be measured in a structured and reliable way? Especially in this era of globalization, there is an increasing need for organizations to identify and produce leaders capable of skilfully managing across various cultures. The CQ self-assessment addresses the first step of this process by providing you (as well as your organization) with insight about your existing cultural intelligence capabilities – how much you desire (Drive) to operate in multicultural settings, the Knowledge you have about various cultures or customs, the ability to prepare (Strategy) for or anticipate cultural issues and whether all these are combined together and translated into Action. When you have a clear awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, you can then develop a personalized plan to capitalize on what you’re good at and at the same time improve on what you may be lacking in.

  1. Receive detailed explanation of results by qualified facilitator

There are numerous assessments available on the Internet that often produce results that are vague, difficult to interpret and most importantly, unsupported by proper scientific research. The CQ Self-Assessment Pro is the only evidence-based assessment of cultural intelligence and involves a detailed debriefing process by a qualified facilitator. In addition to receiving your results in a comprehensive feedback report, you will be given a complete explanation of what those results actually mean, how it translates into workplace scenarios, as well as understanding of specific CQ terminology and its various components.

  1. Develop an individualized plan for CQ improvement

Unlike tests that are taken once and then subsequently forgotten, this assessment includes a long-term customized plan designed to ensure an ongoing process of improving your CQ capabilities. Based on your results, a plan will be formed with the aim of enhancing targeted CQ capabilities and you will be given several practical suggestions and advice to practise in various work scenarios. In addition, you will be involved in setting specific goals that are targeted at 1-month or 6-month periods with clearly defined measurement tools that will help keep track of your progress. By the end of a defined period, you will be able to compare your initial results with your subsequent improved outcome, and this can serve as the basis for the next course of action.

  1. Stand out from the rest of your peers

Cultural intelligence is becoming an increasingly useful and necessary skill for global leaders. Contrary to popular belief, living in a multicultural environment does not automatically mean you will work effectively across cultures. The key is acquiring an awareness of your own cultural beliefs or inclinations and developing the right global mindset to move beyond your own cultural comfort zone. Such knowledge will help you stand out above your peers and open up various possibilities of successful placements in roles of varying diversity.

In conclusion, we hope that this 3-part series of blogs have provided you with a great overview and understanding of the whole CQ Self-Assessment Pro process. It is an easy, accurate and extremely useful tool in measuring intercultural performance that will certainly help increase you and your company’s organizational effectiveness. Contact us at info@cultureboleh.com to learn how you can take part in this Cultural Intelligence assessment today.

y: Boleh Blogger