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For the past 15 years Culture Boleh (Can) Global Training PLT has been providing intercultural training to both Malaysians and international staff. Through our series of tailor-made programs we ensure all your global relationships are built on trust, mutual respect and strong communication strategies.

Global Mobility

Relocating with your family to Malaysia? We’ve been helping expat families in Malaysia for more than 15 years. We will make your transition as stress free and comfortable as your family deserves.

CQ Development

With our CQ development programs you will learn the 4 key competencies of CQ and how you can use these to leverage cultural differences and develop strong relationships with global partners.


We will ensure you create the right value system for your multicultural team. Our intercultural coaching sessions leverage a stakeholder centered approach to ensure you fulfill your career vision. 

Global Communication Programs

Our global communication programs help you and your team write, present and meet effectively with people from around the world, whether virtually or face-to-face. 

Building & Leading Global Teams

Creating a winning team culture is essential among multicultural teams. Our programs will ensure your teams have a strong trusting and collaborative approach to work.

Intercultural Teambuilding

Our intercultural teambuilding is fun and entertaining, but it also builds understanding and empathy among your multicultural teams. Designed to be indoors it can be held any time of year.

“Whether or not you or your organization is facing issues regarding cross-cultural interaction, this training will be beneficial to every individual living and working in a cross-cultural environment. The trainer was very knowledgeable and explained everything really easily. That was amazing!”

Bishakha De – Emerio Malaysia

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