Relocating with your family to Malaysia? We will make your transition as stress free and comfortable as your family deserves.

Successfully Living & Working in Malaysia

Designed for expats and their families who have taken up a work assignment in Malaysia. Learn about the people, the language, the culture and how to work effectively with your Malaysian team.  Get comfortable in your new host country by learning where to shop, where to get the best medical care and also about some wonderful places to visit and vacation while you’re in Malaysia.

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Successfully Living & Working in Malaysia – Mini Workshop

A 3-hour mini workshop that allows a group of expats to have a brief introduction to working and living in Malaysia successfully.

Successfully Living & Working in Malaysia – For Educators

Educators have a unique set of challenges in teaching and leading in Malaysia.  This program helps school leadership and teachers understand the background of their local Malaysian colleagues, parents and students.  It also introduces how they can use Cultural Intelligence on the job and in the classroom.

Intensive Malay Language Program

Bahasa Melayu (Malay) is the national language of Malaysia. This 20-hour program is designed to provide expats with an introduction to Malay and help them achieve a working ability to converse in typical Malaysian life settings. Learn how to converse with your friends and families using proper grammar, pronunciation and intonation with the help of real life scenarios, role plays, videos and presentations.

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