A program specifically designed for international school teachers and principals

Recruiting educators who can adapt well to their new international assignment can be one of the biggest challenges Malaysian international schools face.  School administrators often spend a great deal of time and care in the selection process.  Additionally, administrators and parents want to see continuity in the classroom.  Even with all the attention and care given to selecting the right candidate, there is still the question of whether this particular individual will be able to adapt.

  • Will they and perhaps their family be able to make Malaysia their new home?
  • Will they be able to adapt to the local culture and communication style?
  • Will they work well with both local and international staff?

Our cross-cultural program will give your international educators and your school the best opportunity for combined success.

Program Contents

  • Introduction to Malaysian culture and society
  • A background in Malaysian education
  • Developing cultural understanding for the workplace
  • Communicating with Malaysian parents & colleagues using cultural intelligence
  • Making Malaysia your home
  • Looking for opportunities to engage interculturally while in Malaysia

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