Intercultural Teambuilding Malaysia


Designed as a one or two-day program, this event caters to up to 300 participants per session


  • The event will have 4 activity slots throughout the day, each consisting of 1 hour of activity followed by a ½ hour performance.
  • The activities work best when there are mixed nationalities participating.
  • The event can be tailored to your specific organization needs.

Training Overview

Great teamwork consists of individuals who are committed to working together in achieving common goals. While an organization may be made up of different individuals from many cultural backgrounds and with varying abilities, talents and experiences, teambuilding activities can help bring everyone together to be equal in an important way – commitment to the organization and to each other. This program sets out to help participants (both expat and local employees) to get to know one another better and learn to work cohesively together through challenging but enjoyable activities that showcase Malaysian and other cultures. This teambuilding event provides the best opportunity for participants to see how Cultural Intelligence can be put into application through various fun-filled activities. By the end of the day, everyone will enjoy learning to align themselves toward set goals and continue with the same mindset when they are back at the workplace.

Course Objectives:

  • Express what you value about your own culture as well as the cultures of your colleagues
  • Build excitement and create an attraction for each others’ country or region
  • Have fun, laugh together and learn from each other’s tradition and cultural heritage
  • Encourage collaboration, cooperation and creativity as a team
  • Learn about pop culture and the cultural influence of entertainment present within each culture
  • Understand one another better through the sharing of each other’s backgrounds and life experiences


Contact us today and we will tailor a program to your organization’s needs.