Testimonial Category: BM

The trainers were very good, knowledgeable and informative. I would 100% recommend the training to anyone.

I have been using the knowledge gained to communicate with Malaysians not familiar with English – mainly outside office.

“I learnt more about living and working in Malaysia in the three hours with Steve than I have living here for four years!”

“Very useful insight in not only ways of doing business in Malaysia but also all the little things you need to be aware of in daily life in Malaysia. Very Good!”

“Signing up with Culture Boleh is probably the best decision I’ve made during my 9 years in Malaysia. Practising my new found language skills in my daily interactions is causing awesome reactions and responses; everyone I interact with gets so excited and can’t stop talking with me! I love it!”

“After 9 years of being here and not knowing the language, the course with Culture Boleh has transformed my daily interactions, engaging me just as if I just arrived – I’m having so much fun and receiving fabulous responses from everyone I meet! Thank you!”

“The training has allowed me to connect with my local colleagues on a far more personal level, which is great!”

“An excellent introduction to Bahasa Melayu conducted by a terrific (and patient) teacher in Hareen. Sangat bagus dan kamu hebat Hareen!”