Testimonial Category: Cross-Cultural Training

“This is a must have training for all individuals working in a organization that deal with many other countries. A must for all individuals at all job levels”

Being in a global environment, it is very important to understand the various cultures we are involved with. Through trainings like these, we are able to be more sensitive towards others and about our own perceptions/sensitivity. It is surely an opportunity to do a self-reflection on how we perceive things […]

What I liked best about the training was understanding why there are clashes in different cultures. It can be frustrating. However, with the tips showed, it all makes sense now. It resonates well with me.

I personally liked the whole package of the training. The instructor’s enthusiasm, knowledge, work experience and the materials provided. Each element combined gave a very good understanding of Malaysians.

Excellent training on intercultural communication from a great speaker. His knowledge about culture in the world is remarkable. culture in the world is remarkable.

I thank you Steve, for sharing the key to global understanding about intercultural management and communication. It really surprised me how culture affects communication and behaviours and how to address the differences.