Global English Programs

Increase your confidence and clarity when communicating both verbally and in writing with leaders, colleagues, clients and partners

Global English for the Workplace

Many organizations have identified talent that they would like to use in a more regional or global role.  However, the employees’ grasp of English prevents them from being promoted. This course is designed to build your staff’s confidence to express themselves in Global Business English.  It also develops in them the understanding of the language needed to communicate internationally in a clear and professional manner.

Training Overview

This program will help participants learn to communicate their ideas in English with greater clarity and confidence. The training will build a strong foundation in English structure and grammar to strengthen oral and written communication. Individual attention will be given to develop more accurate pronunciation and sense stress.  This will help participants deliver their message with the right feeling and meaning when speaking to colleagues, clients and business partners. Appropriate vocabulary for everyday business situations as well as broader and more precise terms will be introduced. Listening skills will be strengthened for detail and exposure to varying accents. By the end of this course participants will have developed the skills needed to communicate effectively in English to a global audience.

Course Objectives:

  • Build stronger and more precise grammar in speech and writing
  • Increase clarity and fluency through accurate pronunciation and stress
  • Enlarge essential workplace vocabulary
  • Improve writing skills to ensure understandability and actionability
  • Strengthen listening skills for detailed descriptions and varying accents
  • Increase confidence when presenting, participating in and leading meetings

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Staff conducting regular teleconference calls, video calls and staff meetings
  • Employees interacting by phone, email or in person with clients and suppliers
  • Executives writing regularly to global clients or end users
  • Sales/marketing personnel preparing proposals or written agreements
  • Managers presenting and managing negotiations

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