Global Writing Programs

Successful global business writing is clear, coherent and concise.

POPULAR Successful Global Business Writing Skills

Every day we send and receive a massive amount of written communication. When we write to our intended audience, we want them to clearly understand and act on what we write. This is a very basic aspect of universal communication. However, poor grammar, a limited vocabulary, differing communication styles and poor planning can result in our message being completely ineffective. This program ensures your message is received with clarity and builds a positive image of your organization’s communication culture.

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Writing Effective Proposals for a Global Audience

Persuasion is very much rooted in what people care about.  As a result, persuading a person from one cultural perspective can be very different from another.  This program covers how to build your message around what your particular client or customer cares about and how you can persuade them specifically to accept your proposal.

Global Emailing that Achieves Results

Learn how to write emails to anyone, anywhere and get results. This program covers the language, formatting and content of an effective global email.

“Those with a high level of CQ are able to put themselves in the shoes of their audience. Consequently, they can write in a way suitable to their potential audience’s thoughts and feelings. In fact, those who are culturally intelligent know the mind of their readers when writing something and can predict the potential reaction of their audience.”


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