Programs Specifically Designed for International School Teachers and Support Staff

International Staff

School administrators spend a great deal of time and money in recruiting and relocating international educators and therefore want to get the most out of their efforts and resources.  Retaining quality international educators can be a great challenge for most institutions here in Malaysia.  Adapting to a new country, culture and communication style can create stress in international teachers which may affect classroom performance and inter-staff relationships. Culture Boleh Global Training understands this and wants to support your efforts to provide the best quality education for your students and retain valuable teachers.  We specialize in enabling international staff to make a great success of their time working and living in Malaysia.

Local Malaysian Staff

When interacting with students, parents and fellow staff members from the international community some misunderstandings, cultural differences and conflicts are often experienced. Different value systems, communication styles and expectations exist. How will local staff successfully meet the challenge of interacting with a variety of cultures?

This is of great concern to school administrators as it affects the quality of the classroom instruction, relationship building with parents and coworkers and the overall cohesiveness and productivity of staff.  Culture Boleh Global Training has designed a course specifically to address these areas. It builds awareness of points of cultural diversity and equips participants with the skills needed to achieve harmony and productivity.

If you would like to further discuss how we can support your existing efforts to ensure your international staff adapt successfully to their life here in Malaysia, please feel free to contact us.

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