Building and Leading Global Teams

Effective Leadership – In a Malaysian Cultural Context

As a Malaysian in a leadership role, you’ve read books on leadership and probably attended training as well.  In most cases though, those books and training sessions are designed and delivered based on “western” cultural values.  This training will help you know what an effective Malaysian leader is and how they act and communicate with those they lead.  You will not only learn how to get the most out of the team you lead, but how you can motivate your team to GIVE you their best.

Using Cultural Intelligence to Effectively Manage Multicultural Teams

Through this training, we will help you identify what an effective leader looks like in your culture and the cultures you work with. You will be helped to understand how to conduct effective meetings, give and receive feedback, deliver instructions effectively, communicate with cultural understanding and build strong relationships with those you lead and network with each day. You will also learn how to motivate your team and develop their strengths and potential. Lastly, you will understand how to achieve greatness as a team and as a leader through achievable goal setting.

Cultural Intelligence for Global Leadership

There are 4 key components to Cultural Intelligence as developed by the Cultural Intelligence Centre in the US.  This program includes an assessment of each participant to identify their current CQ performance as a leader and areas they can focus on to develop CQ to a greater degree.  Leaders will also be clearly shown how they can build a successful strategy to achieve their global leadership goals.  This course includes the CQ multi-rater assessment.

Building Leaders for Multicultural Organizations

Leading within our own cultural context can be a challenge. An even more enormous challenge is for culturally diverse organizations to identify those who have potential to lead across cultures. This program will enable current leaders to identify and then develop local talent that can lead multicultural teams tomorrow.

Building Trust in the Workplace – Avoiding Gossip and Rumour

As social creatures, we have a natural tendency to be interested in other people and engage in casual talk among acquaintances and workmates. However, if left unchecked, an innocent conversation can quickly veer into harmful gossip and the spreading of rumours. This program focuses on creating a culture of trust and respect at the workplace. Participants will learn how to show personal interest while maintaining a respectful view of other people’s affairs. This program encourages participants to commit to strategies that will contribute to a negative gossip and rumour-free working environment.

Successfully Leading Change Management – the Malaysian Way

As an organization strives toward global success, its needs, processes, systems and structure could change to ensure continuous improvement and growth to match global industry standards. Great attention is often focused on implementing the changes with the least amount of disruption, downtime and expense. However, what is often neglected is the impact of change on its people and the identification of specific behaviours that are required to successfully lead, communicate and drive organizational changes. You will be helped to develop effective strategies that will enable you to communicate and manage the changes in a way that demonstrates trust between you and your staff.

Culturally Considerate Critical Thinking Workshop

The ability to think critically is increasingly sought by individuals, institutions and employers. However, this ability does not come naturally to most of us. Our cultural background and education system play an important role in shaping the way we think, perceive and analyse information. As a Malaysian, do you find it easy to analyse a situation, consider the implications and make clear judgments? Are you often called upon to examine evidences and provide solutions to problems? Do you feel comfortable to question irregularities, even when senior staff are present? This workshop is designed to help you learn how to overcome cultural barriers to critical thinking while remaining comfortable in doing so. You will develop effective strategies that will enable you to think, reason and reflect critically in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

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