Programs for the Medical Tourism Industry

Developing Cultural Intelligence – For Medical Professionals

Malaysia has been rated as one of the top destinations of medical tourism. Hospital administrators want to make their international patients feel as comfortable and respected as possible. This course trains your medical and non-medical staff to ensure your patients always feel understood and cared for no matter where they are from or what their needs are. 

International Customer Service Excellence – Cultural Intelligence for Healthcare Providers

A trip to the hospital can be a stressful and daunting experience for many patients. By providing excellent customer service at an international standard, hospital employees can greatly alleviate patients’ anxieties and turn their hospital stay into a pleasant and positive experience. This program trains your hospital staff to develop specific skills and abilities to recognize patients’ and visitors’ unique needs, and adapt accordingly in order to provide superior customer care.

Successful Global Business Writing Skills – For Medical Tourism

Every day you send and receive a massive amount of written communication from doctors, patients, vendors and other fellow medical professionals. When you write to your intended audience, you want them to clearly understand and act on what you write. This is a very basic aspect of universal communication. However, poor grammar, a limited vocabulary, differing communication styles and poor planning can result in our message being completely ineffective. This program ensures your message is received with clarity and builds a positive image of your organization’s communication culture.  

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