Global Presentation Skills Programs

Learn to engage and persuade while presenting to people from any background or culture

POPULAR Presenting Yourself and Your Message with Confidence to a Global Audience

In today’s global business environment, people want to be engaged. We live in a world where people want constant stimulation and a clear message no matter where they live. This requires you to develop strong global presentation skills in order to succeed. Your presentations have to connect with people, draw them in, but they also must be informative, clear and motivating. Understand the anatomy of a successful global presentation and you will achieve it all.

Getting Involved – Presenting and Communicating During Conference Calls and Meetings  

Do many of your staff feel shy to speak up during meetings?  Do they hesitate to share their opinions?  If they are asked to present during a meeting or video conference, are they overwhelmed with fear?  In order to build participants’ confidence, this course covers three main areas:  Planning, designing and presenting with confidence. By the end of the course, participants will know how to confidently develop and deliver presentations in person or through a conference call that will keep their audiences’ attention and achieve success.

Shaping Your Message and Your Presentation Delivery for Global Results

Audiences from differing cultural backgrounds have varying expectations for an effective presentation or speech. Persuading an audience in Japan is very different than persuading one in Australia or the US. This course helps you develop the right skillset to shape your materials and presentation in order to achieve results wherever you are presenting and to whomever you are presenting to.

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