Learn to Speak Up! with Confidence as You Work Globally

NEW! Speak Up! with Confidence in a Multicultural Organization

For many, having to speak up at meetings feels like torture. What if you say something stupid/irrelevant/incorrect? Or what if people disagree with your point? Or what if someone asks you a question and you don’t know the answer, or even what they are talking about? In your mind, you may feel you just don’t belong there and it’s just matter of time until everyone realizes it.

First there is one thing we all need to understand. Every manager you have ever worked with has felt like this at some point (and may still do from time to time) And very few of us have been sent home because of a comment we have made or a question we have asked at a meeting. The simple truth is this. Good leaders want your input. They want you to contribute to the discussion. Those leaders want to hear your thoughts about their ideas. They also want to hear ideas of your own. And if you don’t speak, you may come across as disinterested or disengaged. Your value may drop and so will your motivation.

In this program we will help you and all participants to identify, address and overcome your fears about speaking up. We will do this while at the same time emphasizing that culture plays a significant role in what may cause us to feel hesitate to express ourselves freely in a meeting. In this program, we will provide you essential strategies that will empower you to speak up with confidence within your multicultural organization.

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