These Tea Talks have been designed for busy professionals and organizations that want to keep their staff up to date with current business topics but are limited in how much time they can commit to training.  Each Tea Talk is approximately 2-2.5 hours in length.  They can be held in-house or Culture Boleh Global Training can host the event after hours at a location comfortable for your staff.

Dealing with Difficult People-Bring Out the Best in OthersLife has become filled with difficult people who can more easily access us because of modern technology. Difficult people can make life anything from unpleasant to completely stressful. However, it is fully within our grasp to bring out the best in people who are at their worst. During this talk, you will learn how to understand, manage and smoothly overcome any obstacle created by a difficult person.
The Art of Asking the Right Questions to Get the Best Out of Your TeamHow well do you ask questions? It isn’t really a skill taught in business school or tested on exams. But being able to ask the right kind of questions at the right time can be the key to opening doors, opening people’s minds and exploring possibilities. Questions can help us to understand our team or our subordinate’s thinking on issues. It can enable us to grasp the thinking process of an individual that led them to a particular conclusion or decision. Quite simply, the right questions can equal understanding. Understanding equals success. This Tea Talk will help participants develop the art of asking the right questions to achieve understanding of themselves and others they work with no matter where they are in the world.
Be Ready to Work & Communicate GloballyWhen an opportunity comes your way to work globally, will you have the skill set to adapt to varying communication styles? Problem solving, negotiating and even small-talk are greatly different depending on the individual’s cultural background. Attend this Tea Talk and you will better understand the differing communication styles of global business partners and colleagues. Participants will take their first steps in developing Cultural Intelligence, which can lead to confidently taking up global roles.
How to Ask for Feedback that Will Actually Help You‘Do you have any feedback for me?’ When was the last time you asked this question? Did you get the answer you wanted? Was the feedback helpful and actionable? In our honest moments, most of us know we need to improve in the way we do specific tasks, build relationships, share things with others, etc. The reality is that we do not easily identify our own areas of improvement. We need someone to help us. Depending on our level of management within our organization and our cultural perspective, we may find it very difficult to actually receive feedback we can act on. In many cases we may get the ‘keep doing what you’re doing’ ineffective and untrue response from teammates or subordinates. Many of our leaders may also find it difficult to really identify what we specifically need to improve on and so may just speak in generalities. This Tea Talk is designed to help you identify 5 ways that can ensure you get the feedback you want (need) and get it delivered in a way you can surely better yourself with.
Supercharge Your ProductivityWe live in a world that is digitally demanding. Armed with ever more ways to connect with each other and to stay current in every moment, we often aren’t sure where to put our focus. We find it harder to give all of our attention to anything — or anyone — for very long. The consequence is that we’re undertaking more and more tasks every day, but they often add up to less and less real value. During this Tea Talk, we will discuss what, in short, it takes to be productive and efficient in a world of infinitely rising demands, and endless potential distractions.
Keys to Keeping Millennials EngagedAs Millennials enter the workforce in greater numbers, management is faced with the dilemma of how to engage this generation which is so much more technically savvy, globally aware, and at times more demanding than their X predecessors. Once an organization identifies real talent, how do they ensure that they can keep it within their fold? Millennials are much less likely to display company loyalty over the course of their career and much more likely to be concerned about going where the grass appears greener. This Tea Talk will help management of all generations see how they can meet the millennials’ expectations and get the most out of them. It will also help participants to understand the Millennial value and priority system.
5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Buy into Your IdeasSo much of our career advancement is connected to the contributions we make within our origination. One of the greatest challenges is just getting the opportunity and the nerve to pitch our ideas to our bosses. How can lower/middle management get their bosses of a variety of cultural backgrounds to buy into their great ideas? In this Tea Talk, we will look at 5 specific methods you can use to make sure those great ideas you have don’t just collect dust on the shelf, but get every chance to be implemented.
Making a Good Impression in 30 SecondsOpportunities to show who we are and what we can contribute can slip by at lightning speed. We need to be ready to make our mark in a moment’s notice. Whether at a cocktail party, an open house, a corporate event or even a tea talk at Starbucks, we want to seize every chance we have to quickly make a good impression on senior management or a key connection. This Tea Talk will help you to know how to emboss on your listeners’ mind why you are different, of value and should be remembered.
3 Keys to Successful NetworkingWe all know networking has the potential to dramatically enhance our careers; making new connections can introduce us to valuable new information, job opportunities, and more. But despite that fact, many of us are doing it wrongly. Many executives, even when they desperately want to cultivate a new contact, aren’t sure how to get noticed and make the right impression. This Tea Talk will cover three key areas all of us can give specific attention to in order to network locally or globally for results.
How to Build Your Personal BrandWe are all familiar with the world’s top brands and how hard they work to maintain their dominance. How effective are you at building your own personal brand? When your name is mentioned by clients, colleagues or management, what characteristics of yours are dominant in their minds? How do you want to be perceived? What brand image have you created? Personal branding has now become a prerequisite to career success. Therefore, we all need to be constantly looking for ways to build a stronger more lasting brand for ourselves. This Tea Talk will focus on 10 specific ways we can build a strong personal brand.

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